PHS for School Sector

Healthcare Management for Schools

Most schools have routine health checkups once a year, but few have an integrated healthcare program that allows continuity in tracking and monitoring of the health of their students. There is a need to have the health records of the student handily available especially in case of emergencies, when there may not be enough time to contact the students caretakers with possible tragic consequences (as happened a while ago in a prestigious school where a child died from an asthmatic attack in school).

Yos is implementing a complete Personal Health Management System (PHMS) for schools, which includes Personal Health Records (PHR), Heath Smart Cards as well as Health Management tools and applications, which can be accessed through Internet and Mobile devices.

    • Emergency Care : PHRs are created for each student, which include their personal data as well as health information that is gathered in the general school health checkups. Portions of the information that are critical in emergencies - such as Blood group, Allergies, Chronic Conditions, Current Medications and Emergency Contacts - are also stored in a Smart Card that is personalized and given to each student. This card can be read in the card readers installed in the school and in the Yos network of hospitals, and can also be accessed through the USB ports in laptops and PCs through software that is built-in to the card. In case of an emergency, the card not only gives instant access to critical health information, buts also triggers sending of an SMS to the Emergency contacts listed in the PHR (family members / consulting doctor). This can be a lifesaver in times of emergencies.
    • Health Management : The database of health information helps the school administration to identify students who have chronic conditions, and keep the necessary medications handy in the school. Also, they can use some of the Health Management tools (eg Sugar tracking and Daily diary tools) for helping the students manage chronic conditions like Diabetes. Additionally , SMS based alerts can be sent to the PHR owner (and optionally to the caretaker) if certain parameters cross a preset thresh-hold, as also SMS reminders for medication intake (which is particularly important for students suffering from asthma or juvenile diabetes).
    • Preventive Healthcare : Analysis of health data across schools can be the basis for state / nation level healthcare administrators to put preventive healthcare initiatives and policies in place. If there is an increased incidence of diabetes or anaemia in schools in certain areas, they can check for the root cause of the conditions, and also work with the school and the parents to give guidelines for managing and / or improving the conditions.

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