PHS for Government Sector

Just as the UID card will hold the general identity for all citizens, the Yos Personal Health Record will hold the health identity of all citizens. For a country like India, having a health identity and a health database that cuts across rural and urban segments can be of tremendous use for preventive healthcare and epidemic management.

Healthcare Management for Karnataka Police Department

The “Aarogya Bhagya Yojane” (ABY) scheme is an employee health benefit scheme launched by the Karnataka State Police (KSP). As an enhancement to this scheme, Yos is providing a solution that enables storing and managing of the Health Records of KSP personnel and their families, using the YosCare Personal Health Record (PHR) System as the back-end. This will help KSP in their goal of improving quality of care for employees/dependents, by enabling regular monitoring of the ongoing health records of the employees and their dependents to help identify key health issues and put preventive measures in place. This will be of immense help to the department in terms of ensuring a healthy and happy workforce, and can reduce the cost of care for KSP.

Each member is given a Unique ID that is valid even if the member is transferred across units. Tagged to this id is the critical health information of the member such as Blood Group, Current Health problems and medications, along with a photograph, employment information and demographic information. Dependent information is also attached to the member’s records, thus creating a complete consolidated database of more than 3 lakh health records for the entire Police Personnel and their families. In addition, whenever the members or their dependents are hospitalized, all the hospitalization details are uploaded to the member’s PHR for easy tracking.

This is a first of its kind undertaking and is a first step towards the goal of having a Personal Health Record for every individual.

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