• Improved efficiency with electronic storage and management of patient records.
  • Freeing up valuable "real estate" in the hospital for other revenue generating functions.
  • Easy access to patient records ((history, past consultations) leading to improved quality of care.
  • Availability of historical data in electronic form, enabling clinical research.
  • Custom reports with ICD-10 code support for better tracking and analysis.
  • Easily customizable EMR forms for different departments, that look similar to the doctor's prescription, making it very user friendly.
  • Minimal infrastructure requirements - all that is needed is PC with a browser and low cost Smart card reader.
  • E-connectivity across departments/locations and integration with existing IT systems resulting in centralized aggregation/storage of clinical records of patient.
  • Pay-as-you-use revenue model (no upfront costs) which is a first for the Hospital industry (traditionally used to paying upfront licenses for products).
  • Completely outsourced process reducing hospital overheads
  • Value added applications to patients which help customer satisfaction and retention, as well as more revenue generation.
  • Branding of hospital with Smart ID Cards, and enhanced image of hospital as care provider with Emergency Care Service bundled on the Smart Card.
  • Most important, Yos also offers digitization services where needed - this enables gradual adoption of the solution, with doctors continuing their current (writing on paper) process initially, with incremental movement to viewing records online and then making entries online as their confidence increases.


  • Personal Health Records : Patient has anytime, anywhere access to parts of their medical record which are considered as patient-owned like the discharge summary, prescription etc. These records can be printed by patient if required.
  • Healthcare Applications : The Record Management solution includes a number of bundled patient oriented applications such as reminders for next-visit, medicine intake, lab tests, etc that are offered by the hospital, and help in "continuity of care".
  • Emergency Care Services : Critical health parameters of the individual like current problems, current medications, allergies, implants, last discharge summary, emergency contacts, etc are stored on the smart card. This information can be retrieved using Emergency Care Terminal installed in ambulance /hospitals that are part of saving lives during golden hour.

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